Wetland & Watercourse Delineation and Alteration Services

Protecting our natural environment is critical to the survival of our planet and wetlands and watercourses play an integral role in the ecosystems in which we live, work, and play.

When existing natural areas are developed, the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG) requires the land to be reviewed by a certified professional to assess and evaluate the presence of existing wetlands and watercourses in the area, and subsequently devise a plan to complete the development in an environmentally sustainable way. EBH assists public and private sector clients in identifying sensitive environmental areas and working with our DELG officials to prepare designs and plans that preserve our wetlands and watercourses while meeting the goals of our land development clients.

When construction activity is required in and around existing known wetland and watercourse areas, our certified staff can provide the required on-site inspection services to move the projects forward while meeting environmental requirements.